Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance is commonly associated with the protection of employees. After all, anyone who has been injured on the job knows that workers’ compensation coverage provided them with the help they needed when they needed it the most. The benefits of workers’ compensation coverage are appreciated by workers across the United States. However, what many people don’t realize is that workers’ compensation insurance is designed to benefit both workers and employers.

Created for Employees and Employers

Consider the risks that employers would face from claims and lawsuits associated with on-the-job injuries or fatalities. One slip and fall could put a small business owner out of business for good. For a larger company, a similar lawsuit could significantly affect its bottom line. In some instances, a company or individual could start a business in a high-risk industry and place their assets on the line each time a workplace injury occurs.

Workers’ compensation insurance shields employers from hefty lawsuits that could otherwise put them out of business. It is designed not only to help employees when they are unable to work, but also to help employers stay in business.

In most states, workers’ compensation is a legal requirement for businesses. For employees injured on the job, it covers lost wages and the costs associated with medical treatments.

High-risk industries aren’t the only types of businesses that present hazards for workers. Conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive movements (like typing or product assembly), are a real concern and can require physical therapy and even surgery to correct.

What Makes Our Agency Different?

Everything you need to know about All Things Comp is built into our agency’s name. Our leadership team has a combined 75 years of experience helping clients with their workers’ compensation needs. We work with a variety of carriers to find the plan that makes the most sense for you, and we provide ongoing support to help you control workers’ compensation costs and protect your business.

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