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As a business owner, you have a lot to lose, and you understand the importance of protecting yourself from major losses. Whether your business is small or large, a quality workers’ compensation insurance plan and the right safety measures can save you from untold losses in the future.

You may understand the necessity to be protected with workers’ comp insurance and proper safety procedures, but where do you turn to ensure you find the best solutions for your needs? All Things Comp is your trusted partner when it comes to workers’ compensation consulting in Tennessee, and throughout the states of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. We work with your company on an individualized level to provide guidance that provides real security for your business and protects against future losses. We’ll work to ensure you’re not taking any unnecessary risks in your daily operations.

Any insurance agency can provide you with quotes, policy audits, and rate comparisons. However, the services that we offer at All Things Comp go far beyond those offered by most agencies. When it comes to workers’ compensation, cost control is both an art and a science, and most businesses need more support from their insurance agency than is generally provided. All Things Comp presents a solution to this problem by providing the individualized support you deserve, in both the initial planning stage and the long term. Contact our team today to request workers' compensation consulting services in Tennessee and throughout the rest of our service areas.

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How Can All Things Comp Assist Your Business?

  • We are your partner for finding the correct workers’ compensation insurance policy.

  • We provide the ongoing consulting services you need to keep costs low.

  • We offer mod analysis and strategy services for cost-effective results.

  • We are experienced in working with the needs of both small and large businesses.

  • We turn your workers’ compensation coverage from a liability into an asset.

  • We also provide a wide range of other commercial insurance policies, including property, auto, general liability, and much more.

  • We offer free quotes — contact us today to begin.

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Workers’ Comp Consulting Services

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What Makes Our Agency Different

At All Things Comp, we don’t just offer abstract experience modification factor (mod) reduction strategies. We offer tangible, comprehensive support to our clients. For example, we don’t just suggest that you create an employee safety manual to cut down on workers’ compensation claims, we’ll actually help you create one. Instead of simply advising that you increase transparency in employee communications, we’ll provide you with the safety posters and brochures you need to help facilitate that correspondence.

Rather than setting you up with a policy and leaving you on your own to design and implement safety strategies, we provide ongoing consulting services that utilize our decades of combined experience to keep your costs low. Don’t waste time, energy, and resources trying to devise the best strategies to protect your business — rely on our proven expertise to help you keep employees safe and keep your workers’ compensations costs down as you move forward.

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What We Offer

The consulting and advising services that we offer are tailored to help your business succeed by reducing workers’ compensation costs on an ongoing basis. Whether you own a small business that is just getting off the ground, or a larger business whose workers’ compensation costs have snowballed out of control, consider a partnership with us to gain control of your workers’ compensation situation. We are invested in your success, and as such, we go above and beyond to create and share the type of content and collateral that will benefit you the most.

There is no need to start from scratch to create a haphazard return to work program when we already know the best practices necessary to create one. Why should you spend the time, money, and manpower trying to reduce your mod when we can easily provide an assessment and reduction strategy for you? Why struggle to stay up to date on OSHA regulations when our agency can funnel all of that information directly to you? Choosing to work with All Things Comp ensures you have access to the proper coverage for your business and the right cost-reduction strategies moving forward, without wasting time and energy on inefficient planning.


Our Service Areas

All Things Comp is based in Jackson, Tennessee, but we are proud to be able to serve a wide range of states with our highly experienced workers’ comp consulting services. We are licensed to provide service in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. Whether you need to be sure your small business is covered from potentially crippling financial losses from workers’ comp claims, or your large business is in need of reducing your workers’ comp costs, our team is ready to help. We’re not scared off by high mods, and we will work with you to find genuine, concrete solutions to implement moving forward to protect your business.

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When it comes to handling your business’s workers’ compensation strategy, All Things Comp does just what our name implies. We go far beyond the services of the average insurance company by providing ongoing strategies and consulting services to not only ensure complete coverage, but to ensure ongoing success.

To learn more about how All Things Comp can help your business succeed, call us at 727-380-9003, or fill out the form on this page. We’re a trusted advisor you can turn to for comprehensive workers’ compensation consulting in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida.

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